How We Do What We Do

Since we started, hundreds have used Toby's Fund to help them exercise their legal right to have an abortion.


Toby’s Fund is a conduit. Financial need is determined solely by whichever abortion clinic that a pregnant person chooses to frequent. Assistance is determined on financial need and depending on that person’s  home location.

Where We Serve

Toby’s Fund limits its assistance to those who are residents of McHenry County, Illinois. There are currently no abortion clinics in McHenry County, so residents will need to travel to obtain an abortion. At that point Toby’s Fund works with the chosen abortion clinic.

How It Works

After a McHenry County resident  has made a decision to have an abortion, they visit an abortion clinic. If qualifications are met for financial assistance, Toby’s Fund will issue a check directly to the abortion clinic. 
Toby’s Fund will work with any abortion clinic in any State, we do not scrutinize any choice made, including where the choice to exercise right to an abortion occurs. 

How Do We Do This?

It’s simple. We rely on the kindness of those who donate. We are entirely volunteer and all donations are used to subsidize abortion services. And yes, we are a tax deductible 501(c)(3) entity. Please consider a donation.